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Meet the Owners

Nick and Dina


First - we acknowledge we are not open all the time. We have many excited customers who love our shop. We both work full-time in addition to acquiring large estates and being at the store... so we are constantly in work mode. With that said ....

Nick and Dina share the passion of finding homes for estate items we acquire through entire estate and business liquidations. We both agree that we look forward to working at the store meeting both new and returning customers. We do both work full-time which is why our store hours are limited, but if there is one thing we do is LOVE showing up opening the shop. It's not a job, this is our passion. We don't view what we do as "work", only when the sore muscles kick in :-)

At Picks and Treasures, our low prices attract customers, but our tasteful, cool products keep you coming back to discover what new treasures we have to offer. We establish a local Hawaiian culture where "talking story" is what we do. We share our passions of history, picks, and stories - come sit with us! Dealers, shoppers, pickers ... come by and say hello! Our prices are set to fair where we can all benefit and help all. We admire those who re-purpose, so if you buy a piece from us - follow up with a picture of how you re-purposed it so we can showcase it!

For estate acquisitions, if there is one word of advice we can give you is DO NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY ... let us or any estate sale company look at what you have and make that determination. We do a walk-through at no charge, and trust me - we are not sales people, we just love what we do so there is no pressure. The most gratifying feeling is knowing the history of an estate item knowing it was cherished, and finding someone who walks right into the store grabbing that same item and having that instant connection. It means alot!

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